Excursion will be held around of Bangka Regency for some destination places as listed

1. PT. Bangka Asindo Agri

2. Kampung Air Jangkang

3. Takari Beach

4. Parai Beach

5. Puri Tri Agung

Important Note:
For excursion (free of charge) the committee will provide a bus to pick up (shuttle) participants from hotel to excursion venue with the following routes: Parai Beach Resort (Start from 07.00 am) – Pantai Indah Batu Bedaun – Puri Ansel – Novilla Boutique Resort  – Sutos Hotel – Manunggal Hotel – Bos Hotel – ST 12 Hotel – Pesona Bay Hotel- Tanjung Pesona – Excursion Venue.

Committee will also provide snack box and lunch for participants during excursion.